Our coffee
All our coffees are single estate speciality coffees that come from a certain coffee farm or coop with full traceability. In that way, you can say that we work with provenance in the same way you known from wine.
All our coffees are hand roasted in small batches at our own artisan micro-roastery in Denmark. We never do blends. We like the idea that you know where your coffee stems from. This pretty much explains our brand name - Grower's Cup.
Choose your favourite from our range of 7 different coffees.
The Coffeebrewer - Outstanding Pour-Over Filter Brew
The Concept
Outstanding Pour Over Filter Brew
Brew In The Bag
Coffeebrewer - Brew In The Bag - Open, Brew, Serve
100°C Hot Water
1. Open
2. Brew
3. Serve