Desk Café Assortment

Assorted Gift Box


25 coffeebrewers / 50 cups

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The Desk Café allows you to be your own barista, as you can enjoy hand-roasted single estate specialty coffee - at your desk. So when you are busy and you need a coffee treat – you just reach out and brew. The Desk Café will save you time and money, no need to run for expensive café coffee.

The Desk Café Assortment Box contains 25 single estate coffeebrewers with coffee from 5 different coffee farms: Colombia, Brazil*, Guatemala**, Honduras** and Ethiopia**.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee / *Certified fairtrade product of the non-EU agriculture / **Certified organic and fairtrade product of the non-EU agriculture.

Additional Information

SKU A100975
Weight (kg) 1.5400
Brewing Temperature 95°C
Brewing Time 4-6 min
Reusable No


Unexpected Pleasure
I was sceptical about this until I first used it. Simple, safe, and easy to do, fantastic tasting coffee anywhere, anytime. I will order again. A+


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