Quality and convenience
The coffeebrewer offers the quality and the rich taste known from pour over filter coffee and french press coffee, but with the convenience of instant coffee.

The secret behind the rich taste brewed in the coffeebrewer is owed to the unique filter design and brewing technology. We combine the best from a pour over filter brew with the rich taste of a french press.
The Coffeebrewer - Quality and Convenience
Pouring boiling hot water in slow circular movements directly on the coffee grounds will steep the coffee and extract the aroma very effectively.

The design of the filter is engineered to make the brewing process stop as you pour out the first cup. That is why you will never experience the last cup turning bitter.
The Coffeebrewer - The Design
We have tested the coffeebrewer against other coffee brewing concepts in a state-of-the-art laboratory test. The coffeebrewer outperformed other traditional coffee concepts and came second only to the french press cafétiere in extracting and delivering a rich taste.
The Coffeebrewer - Coffees Comparison
Sustainability is very important to us, which is why we have designed the coffeebrewers in a way that makes them reuseable. To reuse simply empty out the used coffee grounds after the first use, rinse the bag, and refill it with your own coffee grounds. The coffeebrewer can be reused many times, but it is important to avoid getting the outside kraft paper wet.

The coffeebrewers are made from environmentally friendly kraft paper, a very thin plastic lining and a plastic spout. The choice of material is comparable to a milk carton, and disposal of the material should be done accordingly.
The Coffeebrewer - Open Brewer
Choose your favourite from our range of 7 different coffees.
The Coffeebrewer - Just Brew And Enjoy!
The Coffee
Single Estate Speciality Coffee
Brew In The Bag
Coffeebrewer - Brew In The Bag - Open, Brew, Serve
100°C Hot Water
1. Open
2. Brew
3. Serve